• Efficient configuration tool

Our configuration tool significantly reduces the hours spent on engineering your alarm, monitoring and control system. What used to be engineering-to-order hours is now configured in the tool. This results in a highly competitive system. Making changes and adding functionality have never been easier. As a partner, Blue Ctrl will help you to master the X-CONNECT® tool suite and, if needed, support you in every step of the way from engineering to delivery.

Read more about how your company can become an X-CONNECT® Partner – https://bluectrl.io/become-a-partner

  • Smarter ship installation

Our alarm, monitoring and control systems are segmented. This leads to more stable and reliable systems. It also benefits the installation on board. Instead of large cabinets with comprehensive amounts of cabling, the use of smaller cabinets will considerably reduce the cabling.

Example of System Categories and Segmentation

  • Control your ship and your costs

Strain on systems on board and data traffic to shore can be reduced immensely with event-based architecture. This make our systems prepared for any future requirements for ship operations, where analysis of big data and on shore operations will change how we operate ships efficiently. https://bluectrl.io/bluebox