Blue Alarm & Monitoring Mimic


  • Low effort to get  full overview of your vessel 
  • Increased vessel uptime with enhanced diagnosis  
  • User friendly and award-winning operator interface, developed in close cooperation with designer and vessel operators
  • Proven reliability  
  • Add software upgrades and features of a new system without being on site 
  • Spare parts available worldwide, using off-the-shelf marine certified hardware


The Alarm & Monitoring System (AMS) is a cornerstone for safe vessel operations. The main responsibility of the AMS is to inform, detect and alert officers and engineers of the vessel’s status and eventual critical conditions, to help manage the vessel safely in accordance with current rules and regulations.  

An AMS consists of different hardware and software components to collect, process, store, distribute and present the vessel’s system information. The essential quality of the system is the ability to continuously provide trusted information to vessel personnel, enabling fast and appropriately response. Alarms and information are visualized with trending functionality on all operator stations.


An Alarm & Monitoring System typically integrates information from different vessel systems and equipment. As examples, power-, engine-, propulsion-, stability- and cargo systems. Information is presented live in dedicated displays and mimics using extensive symbolism and interactivity to enhance the user experience with targeted information exposure. Furthermore, a common feature of an AMS is the ability to present historic information and alarms.

For vessels with unattended machinery spaces, an Extension Alarm System (EAS) is also included in the AMS. The EAS system includes visual and audible alarm indicators and watch-call panels to alert vessel engineers on critical conditions when machinery spaces are unattended. EAS panels are located on the bridge, in cabins and in public spaces.

When system and equipment control, system functionality and automation is added to the AMS system, it becomes an Integrated Automation System (IAS). IAS is normally a complex and large system, which must comply with additional rules and regulations.

X-CONNECT® maritime automation platform and systems
System illustration


Internal Diagnosis

Signal Lab

Alarm Lab

Current Alarms

Extension Alarm System (Unattended Machinery Spaces)


Slide image

GUI Current alarms

Efficient presentation of vessel status, with options for filtering, verification and change of parameters
Slide image

GUI Alarm Lab

Intuitive historic alarm circle with presentation, alarm filter and adjustable time scale
Slide image

GUI Signal Lab

Signal Lab to simplify diagnostic work
Slide image

GUI Engine

Engine overview with most important data intuitively presented
Slide image

GUI Network

Internal system overview with status, hardware details and enhanced diagnostics

X-CONNECT® User Experience

Have a look at the modern and intuitive user interface for our integrated automation system.

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