X-CONNECT® BLUE BOX provides reliable, fast and secure streaming of ship data to a cloud database.

With BLUE BOX you can collect data directly from all kinds of systems on the ship. BLUE BOX could be used for harvest data from engines, electrical power sources and GPS in order to analyze ship performance and fuel consumption. Data from ballasting, cargo or mission systems can also be used to benchmark design models with reality or in a digital twin context. It’s up to you to choose what data to stream and analyze.

With BLUE BOX no data will be lost due to temporary bad connections, BLUE BOX will safely re-transmit the data when the connection is online again.

BLUE BOX can be delivered as an integrated part of a X-CONNECT® system or as a standalone installation with data interfaces to other systems on the ship. Complementing an existing X-CONNECT® system with a BLUE BOX is simple and straight forward, integrating a BLUE BOX to other systems is easy and can be done with a minimum of effort and cost.