Borgund High School is educating tomorrow‘s maritime electricians. We at Blue Ctrl, together with our partners, are here to help them.

Borgund High School, located in our area, reached out to us in order to help them get new and updated equipment for their teaching and apprenticeship tests. We are more than happy to help them. Helge Solevåg, a teacher of electronics at Borgund, says that this collaboration is:

“A win-win situation since the students know the latest technology by the time they become ship electrician apprentices.”

Helge Solevåg

Valuable experience

Eivind Midtlid, marketing and sales manager of Blue Ctrl, believes that this opportunity to try systems like this, before going out to sea to start your career, will be valuable experience for the students. 

He hopes that this collaboration will give the students valuable experience with equipment they will meet the moment they start their careers onboard. He wants this project to bring the students closer to operating the systems onboard and to benefit from the analysis tool the Integrated Automation System (IAS) is for a vessel. 

“To see that the next generation has this opportunity locally is fantastic. I remember when I was young and went to sea for the first time without prior equipment training. I really see the value in this opportunity that I never got myself.”

Eivind Midtlid

As realistic as possible 

The equipment will be used as part of the apprenticeship tests for maritime electrician students, as well as a part of their teaching. The goal is to teach using a system that is as realistic as possible. The hardware is delivered by Eltorque, Hatteland, Bachmann and Last Mile with software and educational targeted configurations from Blue Ctrl. 

Integrated Automation System – an analysis tool for vessels 

Solevåg explains that there has been a lack of an IAS in the educational training for a long time. He thinks that the system they now get will suit the purpose perfectly and is happy with the collaboration so far. “We have visited each other and have a good dialogue. We may also extend the scope of this cooperation underway.” 

(From left) Senior product engineer of Blue Ctrl Eirik Hareide, Martin Bugge Slinning and Helge Solevåg discussing the test station delivery at Borgund.

Solevåg continues by saying: “We hope that the system we get from Blue Ctrl will help to elevate the training of the students.  

“It is essential that the students meet relevant and updated systems and equipment, and are taught how to use it.” 

Eirik Hareide quality checking an IAS cabinet at Blue Ctrl

More interest along the way

Karmsund High School has also asked us to deliver a test station for their students. Teacher of electronics at Karmsund Tore Fykse, has been a ship electrician himself. He highlights the importance of updated equipment for his students:

I want the students to see the relevance in their training. Relevance motivates them, and motivated students are more engaged in the training and therefore learn more.

Tore Fykse

Fykse sincerely believes that the test system will make the students more engaged in their training. He says that this test station will help the students to build a more complete impression of what they learn in their training, and give them better insight into the maritime industry. He believes that this will be a great tool for the students to increase their learning and become better trained maritime electricians. He explains that:

“The test station will teach the students valuable experiences with sensor technology, electrical control and regulation, instrumentation and monitoring for various types of systems used in modern ships.”