Blue Ctrl have combined our core knowledge from the maritime automation industry with vessel operators and experts on interaction design. Together, Blue Ctrl have developed tomorrow’s automation platform called X-CONNECT®. All our products are based on this platform and can easily be configured by using the configuration tool named X-CONNECT® Studio. The platform can be summarized with the following key features:  

  • Hardware independent software with standardized configurable functionality 
  • Standard marine approved industrial hardware
  • Efficient event based and seamless data distribution based on standard Ethernet network 
  • High definition monitors with rich intuitive user friendly graphical user interface 
  • Data log for data analysis and trending  
  • Tooling for efficient product configuration and deployment 
  • Local or remote service 

The major difference with X-CONNECT®, compared to traditional SCADA and PLC solutions, is the use of ONE unified tool suite to handle the configuration of system and hardware topology, GUI and operator stations, IO stations, database and network setup. In fact, there is no programming involved when setting up a project – only selection and configuration of standard and flexible system components. System integrators can therefore set up and handle changes of a project efficiently. Using the auto-function editor in X-CONNECT® Studio, customized functions can be configured and reused for other projects.

The system architecture is using event based technology that optimizes the network load. Event based data means that data is sent only on change. Event based data brings down data traffic considerably compared to traditional systems where data is sent continuously independent of change.


See how efficient we setup our X-CONNECT® automation products. Just “Configure – plug and play”!


Products built on the X-CONNECT® platform improve efficiency, operability and secure a long-term value.


Alarm and monitoring system

BLUE AMS main feature is to inform, detect and alert ship officers and engineers on status and critical conditions on the vessel and helping them manage safely.


Integrated automation system

BLUE IAS is the advanced integrated automation system for controlling and automating ship systems and processes based on the universal user friendly integration platform X-CONNECT®.


Power management system

BLUE PMS enables operator to run the vessel power production optimally in terms of safety and fuel consumption.


Ship-to-cloud solution

Harvest data from ship systems onboard in a safe and efficient way.


Tomorrow’s automation platform

All our products are based on X-CONNECT®, a universal user friendly maritime automation platform.


System support and upgrades

Get access to professional service and maintenance, modifications and upgrades. Adding, removing and replacing functionality is made easy from remote.

IAS AMS – Brochure, compact

For more information about our Integrated Automation System and Alarm Monitoring System, please download our brochure.

IAS AMS – White paper

Looking for more detailed information about our automation products?  Please download our whitepaper. 


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