Blue CTRL X-Connect maritima automation platform PLAYBACK


  • Video recording – all operator stations  
  • System mimics history – data visualized
  • Evidence of root cause – as quickly as possible
  • Proactive training tool – learn from previous operations


The video playback feature in X-CONNECT® supports the recording of all operator stations in a video-like recording. The user can select any operator station and when to play back, from all operator stations. 
The video playback is surrounded by a blue frame to indicate that a playback is being viewed, and not a regular mimic. When playing the recording back, it is possible to search, play and pause the recordings.
It is also possible to select the previous or next recording. If the recording being viewed is the most recent, it is also possible to update it with the latest changes. 
On dual screen solutions, it is possible to zoom in and out of the particular screen by simply clicking the screen. 


During a vessel lifetime, loss of power generation, unintended operator errors and other functional errors are likely to be encountered, leading to trivial or more severe incidents. It may take some time to find the root cause and in more severe cases, there is likely to be doubt and loss of trust in the system. This is where X-CONNECT® Video Playback can rapidly establish what happened and help regain confidence in the particular system.

For incidents where the user is the root cause, Video Playback will easily be an advantage for day-to-day learning purposes. Another aspect may also be to look at how an operation in the system was performed to learn from the expertise of others and thus be a proactive operator.


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