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  • Full control over hybrid power systems with an exceptional user interface 
  • Enables optimal usage of power generation and energy storage for reduction of fuel consumption while ensuring power grid stability
  • Flexible and scalable with regards of power sources
  • Increase safety by using energy storage a reliant backup power source
  • Fully integrated with X-CONNECT®
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment, as well as local particle pollution
  • Easy to set up and manage to meet desired results


As the awareness and need for sustainable ship operations increases, interest and demand for hybrid power systems for ships are growing. Blue EMS is a modern Energy Management System based on the X-CONNECT® platform for managing power systems that combine traditional power generation with electrical battery storage.

Blue Energy Management System is flexible and scalable and can handle simple and complex power systems for small and large vessels. In operation, the EMS manages electrical power generation and energy storage to minimize fuel consumption while ensuring power grid stability and safe operations.

Blue EMS is an integrated and seamless part of the X-CONNECT® platform, accessible from the same user-friendly interface as other X-CONNECT® products. Blue EMS integrates with Blue PMS and with most modern electrical battery storage systems. The system applies to both hybrid and battery-only powered systems. In operation, the system integrates and synchronizes with Blue PMS, switchboard cells, battery converters and battery management systems.

Blue EMS includes several features for charging and discharging one or several batteries and controlling battery connection to the ships’ power grid or shore power. The system manages peak shaving for relieving load variation on generators, load smoothing for shaving variations from load average and the use of batteries as a spinning reserve to avoid blackout if power generation fails. All features are configurable to meet the ship operator requirements and desired results.

Blue EMS meet different requirements from customers and class societies. Topology and hardware flexibility minimize system installation space, hardware usage and location.

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Peak shaving mode

Offline Mode

Idle mode

Charging and Discharging mode

Battery mode

Load smoothing mode

Spinning reserve mode

SOC Compensation mode (Release date TBA)


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Energy Management System

X-CONNECT® – User Experience

BLUE EMS is fully integrated in our X-CONNECT® platform, and accessible from the operator stations together with all of our other automation features.

Blue Energy Management System Brochure

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