• Create awareness on your operational expenses – reduce fuel consumption through actionable insights  
  • Maximize vessel uptime – monitor system statuses and system components for optimal maintenance scheduling  
  • Flexible – compatible with any data source through standardized protocols   
  • Your data – controlled and owned by Vessel Owner  
  • Reduced strain on bandwidth – due to data compression and event based system architecture 


Bringing live vessel data ashore with the BLUE BOX onboard will open endless opportunities. Our experience with system deliveries show that a shipowner can reduce the fuel consumption. This is done by analysing the vessel’s data and thereby operate the vessel smarter and more efficiently with actionable insights. Transmitting data ashore will lead to better vessel management as well as a more efficient fleet handling. When analysing data to support and evaluate your decisions, you stand a better chance of getting the best out of your vessels potential.

The vessel data from X-CONNECT® products or other alarm, monitoring and automation systems are encrypted and buffered in case of lost Internet connection, transmitted to a cloud server and accessed through standardized database queries.  

Vessel owners can access, present, extract and analyse data on their own using any tool with database integration.

Blue Ctrl also offer other services like fuel optimization and automatic reporting through our partners. Please contact us for more details.  

In terms of hardware, ships with a running X-CONNECT® system, only a software activation is required, no additional hardware. For vessel with 3. party automation system, a small cabinet will be installed onboard, and can be done by the crew with support from service engineers from Blue Ctrl or our partners.  


Data Harvesting

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